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Luxury Hotels Lombok Introducing Jeeva Klui Resort On Klui Beach

There are now quite a few Luxury Hotels on Lombok Island, (Indonesia), but if you are looking for something really special, it really is hard to go past Jeeva Klui Resort, located alongside beautiful Klui Beach.

Jeeva Klui opened on the 1st of August 2010, and since then has been busy looking after an influx of guests over the holiday high season. Offering a tropical resort style atmosphere and located alongside a pristine sandy beach, this boutique style resort is receiving great reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor.

Why is Jeeva Klui so popular? The answer lies perhaps in the concept behind the resorts development.

From the beginning Jeeva was planned as an intimate resort that was so infused with the full spectrum of the sea, green foliage and local culture that it would seamlessly blend with the islands wonderful tropical environment.

In fact, it seems great care was taken to develop a place where there is a strong emphasis placed on proving the ultimate holiday experience, while at the same time being socially and environmentally responsible through environmentally sensitive design and green practises.

The resort was built using sustainable and locally made materials such as hand made terracotta tiles, bamboo weaves, stone and recycled timber and this means that each of its suites exude an air of rustic simplicity and sophistication.

Even the resort's restaurant is modelled on the waroeng style of Indonesia. A waroeng is a feature of Indonesias daily life a simple, casual and usually outdoor restaurant selling traditional food.

At Jeeva Klui the Waroeng is just that: a laid back restaurant serving predominantly Indonesian style dishes with a good selection also of western fare. Visitors seem to love the atmosphere of this dining experience and while the theme is of the Waroeng concept, great care is taken to make sure that all dishes are attractive, authentic and yet offering the modern touch.

Add great service (including a Spa pavilion) and it is easy to see why guests are enchanted with this very special luxury hotel, Lombok. With such a great response from its guests so far, it is easy to see why Jeeva Klui Resort will be well booked far into the foreseeable future.

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